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A friend of mine recently posted a link to a NY Times article about which gadgets to ditch now that so many of our machines have multiple functions. The author suggested keeping books with one exception:

But there is one area where printed matter is going to give way to digital content: cookbooks. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies a $5 app for the iPad, is the wave of the future. Every recipe has a photo of the dish (something far too expensive for many printed cookbooks).

Complicated procedures can be explained by an embedded video. When something needs to be timed, there’s a digital timer built right into the recipe. You can e-mail yourself the ingredients list to take to the grocery store. The app does what cookbooks cannot, providing a better version of everything that came before it.

I checked out the app store, and it looks pretty cool. This new “cookbook” look beautiful, and it takes advantage of the iPad’s features to create an experience that improves upon what’s available in a printed book.

So as someone who lives in both ministry and publishing worlds, I’ve been thinking about what this means for the church. Sure, there are Bibles apps and the like, but often they seems to be just digitized versions of printed materials. What would it look like to take advantage of the features available on these integrated devices?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Great thought provoking idea! Wouldn’t it be neat to have an online Bible with this approach that would link to podcasts of sermons, videos, comments from readers, etc…? What an opportunity to build a virtual community of faith!

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