My Mom visited over the weekend and just left this morning. We talked, shopped, cleaned/organized my neglected house, went out to eat, and set up her new MacBook (and Facebook profile!). And I’m feeling incredibly blessed.

I’m so grateful for her humor. For her perspective on life. For her patience, and gentle encouragement, and willingness to learn. For her humility.

I’m thankful that we don’t agree on everything. And that she continues to practice her debate skills (which sometimes drove me crazy when I was younger, but now means that I  consider many sides of an issue before deciding what I think).

I’m grateful she lives only a few hours away, and that in between, we check in regularly via email and phone (and soon, over Skype too).

I love that people who know her can tell I’m her daughter.

I’m thankful that even after spending all weekend with her, I am sad to see her go home.

What are you grateful for today?

2 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. I am grateful for the sweet tears of gratitude that swell in my eyes when I read what you wrote about your Mama…… I am grateful for the amazing family that we have all created together — a family that understands one another, loves one another as they are, a family that laughs DEEPLY and cries UNASHAMEDLY and loves FOREVER in a way that is not easily found….
    thank you for writing and sharing, Bethany Jo. You are a gem:) I love you!!!!

  2. Dear Bethany Jo,
    Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments about our relationship. I have always felt blessed by you and your sister. Each of you has wonderful qualities which I cherish and admire. Your positive attitude and quest for knowledge plus your humor and dedication are never taken for granted by me or your father. We are proud to be your parents. You have and continue to present us with many gifts.
    Continue to see and find the best in everyone you meet and everything you find! And, when possible, improve situations and make the world a better place.
    All my love always, Mom (and Dad!)

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