No Parking

A couple weeks ago, I was pulling into the parking lot behind my office. We share the lot with several other companies and an auto body shop. Which means it’s usually pretty full.

On this particular morning, a parts supplier truck was idling in front of the body shop, blocking several reserved parking spots for building tenants and visitors.

That’s when I noticed an employee from one of the other companies was sitting in his car, waiting for the truck to move.

It took me a couple minutes to to pull into the lot, back into a spot, gather my work bag and purse, and walk to the back door. Meanwhile, this guy was still waiting for the truck to move so he could pull into a space closest to the building.

As I was almost in the office, I noticed the guy get out of his car to approach the truck driver.

It was just a small moment at the start of my work day, but this experience left me wondering… Why was this guy more concerned about a parking spot than getting into the office?

And what opportunities do I miss out on because of my sense of entitlement?

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