#runrevrun: Keeping Fit, Keeping Faith

Today is the big launch for #runrevrun!

About a week ago, Adam Walker Cleaveland tweeted about possibly starting a fitness/running/health blog to build on the #runrevrun concept…and a week later, we’re live! I’m excited to be contributing to this community for ministry types who are trying to live healthy lives. From the about us page:

Ministers are people too, people who need to live healthy lives. This site is a place for pastors and friends to share stories about trying to keep — or get — fit. We’re runners and walkers, vegetarians and meat-lovers, those who practice yoga and those who can’t even touch their toes, but we believe our bodies are a gift from God. This site is a place to share our journey of faith and fitness.

Read more about us here, and then check out #runrevrun on Facebook and Twitter (@Run_Rev_Run).

I hope you’ll join us as we work to keep fit and keep faith.

One thought on “#runrevrun: Keeping Fit, Keeping Faith”

  1. Bethany, thanks so much for pointing me to #RunRevRun! I’d noticed the hashtag a couple of times, but they were on tweets by the, well, by the cool kids in class. Glad to know what’s behind it!

    This is such a great idea. So many of us minister types are, er, less than paragons of good health – myself included. Yet, given what we say about who God is, what God cares about and our relationship with God, we really ought to be leading the charge to healthier lifestyles.

    Some days I’m really not sure which is harder: to keep fit or to keep faith. Looking forward to reading/learning more

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