Blogging on the iPad

I’m not necessarily an early adopter when it comes to technology…at least when it comes to hardware. I’d rather let others work out the kinks and then take advantage of the second (or later) iteration. (Trying out low-commitment software and apps is another story.)

I finally jumped in and ordered my early birthday present–the iPad 2. So far, no shocker, I’m really liking it. In fact, I’ve even gotten over my fear that the glass keyboard wouldn’t work as well as a tactile bluetooth keyboard and typed this post in landscape mode using the free PlainText app.

I still have a lot to learn when it comes to gestures and what this new toy/tool will mean for my daily workflows, but I think I may be blogging on the iPad more than I expected. For starters, it’s much harder to get distracted from the “page” in front of me and jump over to Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail/Google+. I need to actively take myself off task instead of bump a hot corner that brings open all the other tempting windows I’ve got open on my laptop.

And who knows, maybe I’ll take a note from Adam Walker Cleaveland and start presenting from my iPad.

All I know is that this little tablet is big. It’s going to change the way education happens, and in turn, the ways our ministries work.

– –

Ok, so I found a hiccup. I wrote this post on my iPad, but had trouble with the WordPress app when I tried to convert this into a draft. Also couldn’t figure out how to add links. So technically, this post was written on the iPad, saved to Dropbox, and published from a laptop. 
(photo via connorsmac)

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