On Cookie Monster…and opening my eyes

When I first saw this project by artist/graphic designer Timm Schneider, I busted out laughing.

And then I had an urge to dig out some ping pong balls and a sharpie.

And then I clicked through to read more on Turnstyle News. A favorite quote from the interview:

What do you find so fulfilling about putting eyeballs around the city?

Timm Schneider: That something so little can do so much. It transforms things into beings. It changes the way people see the world around them by shifting only a detail — the very same way humor works. The eyeballs explain something difficult like perception very easy. It changes the purpose of things: a trash bin can be the Cookie Monster. The world around suddenly isn’t something fixed anymore, it’s something you can change. People are realizing this very optimistic opinion with a smile on their faces, more than I ever could have asked for.

I think that’s what I like about guerilla art projects like this. Besides offering a moment of levity (and perhaps inspiration), they challenge me to see something that wasn’t there before. They open my eyes to new possibilities…and make it hard to pass a dumpster without imagining Oscar living in it.

(via laughing squid, images via Timm Schneider)

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