Now Showing (in the Twin Cities…for one day!): Blue Like Jazz

A few years ago, I read Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz and really enjoyed it. (In particular, I was struck by the “confessional booth” Miller and several Christian friends set up on a very secular college campus. But instead of asking people to confess their sins, the group confessed and asked forgiveness for the ways Christians have misrepresented Jesus.)

Then two years ago, I read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, which came out of Miller’s experience trying to turn Blue Like Jazz into a movie. I really appreciated how A Million Miles challenged me to think about the story I tell with my life–and how to live a more compelling narrative. (Which explains how I gave away a couple copies of the book before I even finished reading it myself!)

So back to Blue Like Jazz… As they were making the Blue Like Jazz movie, funding ran out. And then a Kickstarter project saved the film, which has been screening at ministry events and college campuses across the country before it hits theaters April 13.

And now it’s coming to the Twin Cities. (Well, technically, St. Paul.)

So if you’re looking for something to do on Friday, March 16, head over to one of the two screenings at Macalester College. Donald Miller and Steve Taylor (the film’s director) will roll in on the Blue Like Jazz bus an hour ahead of the screenings to hang out with people before the movie begins. The events are free but do require an RSVP, which you can do here:

Want to see more? Check out the website and the trailer:

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