Rejection Therapy


As a designer as aspiring entrepreneur, I try to build small-scale rejection and “failure” early into my process so I can improve what I’m making. As a theologian, I think and speak about it a lot, usually in the abstract. As a human, I fear it.

But this video of Jia Jiang’s talk at TEDxAustin has given me another way to think about rejection. Please take a few minutes to be inspired by this video, and then I’d love to know: What do you think about “rejection therapy”? Would you ever do it?

One thought on “Rejection Therapy”

  1. Good talk; inspirational and positive. None of us wants to feel rejection, but it can be part of our learning curve if we let it. To overcome that fear is not easy; it begins when we are reprimanded as little children. Though those early words are to help us be safe and learn what we need to know, in our minds it feels like rejection of our ideas and actions. Later, we may receive personal rejections in many forms. If we can learn to embrace them and take a grain of truth from them, we may move on to much better end results than we could ever imagine. A positive attitude is everything! And, this man exemplifies that.

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