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On Possibilities

So I haven’t blogged in way too long.

I’ve been keeping myself busy between launching a new sparkhouse preteen curriculum and spending as much time with Brent, family, and friends as I can before I leave for Austin in less than a month. (Plus running The Color Run last weekend–post forthcoming…)

But this made me pause and smile.

I love how this group looks at a piano and doesn’t just see keys, strings, and pedals. They imagine new sounds. New ways of playing the instrument. And they work together to create something new and cool.

They see possibilities. Check it out.

The Piano Guys – One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful”

Friday Fun: Chase No Face

This video blew me away and got me thinking about the future of interacting with technology. Check it out.

Chase No Face / BELL from zach lieberman on Vimeo.

And if you’re intrigued and have a few minutes, I highly suggest reading Steve Clayton’s compelling story about what his two-year-old daughter has taught him about technology and the closing digital/physical divide.

(via swiss-miss and psfk)

Six Word Story Every Day

breathe in. breathe out. repeat often.

I came across the Six Word Story Every Day site concept (thanks to a tweet from Ali Edwards) and got lost poking around the contributors’ stories and visual interpretations. What a cool (and easy!) way to capture moments, both profound and passing.

Since I’ve been absent from blogging while sorting out some busyness and priorities in my own life, it only seemed appropriate to create my own version to recap my day (err…month).

What would be your six-word story for today?