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Confession, Now on the iPhone

Screenshot of Confession: A Roman Catholic App

Last week, I heard an NPR story about an iPhone app that offers a customized examination of conscience to help Roman Catholics prepare for confession. And it’s been sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

What intrigues me:

  • The Roman Catholic Church is recognizing a cultural shift and embracing digital technologies that can serve faith.
  • The confession app offers a customized experience for the user, recognizing that the examination would be different for different types of people.
  • The NPR interviewees’ reactions vary–from embracing the technology to support confession to a priest, to being shocked at the personal nature of the examination, to using the app as a substitute for the sacrament.
  • The boundaries between in-person interactions and hyper-real/augmented reality are blurring and will continue to run together more and more. This has both theological and practical implications.

So what’s your take? Which phone apps do you use most? What apps would you like to see developed to help people grow as disciples and connect to their faith communities?

And what may be the limitations to embracing technology in this way?